[ About Me ]

Welcome to my world! On this page you will find my portfolio and how to contact me!

About Me

Full NameJarand Herdal

BirthdaySept. 10, 1995

Lives inLos Angeles, California

My Story

Up until Jarand was ten years old, his parents only let hin watch kids movies. Although this was probably for the better, there was nothing he wanted more than to experience the wonders of Isla Nublar's dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, or the horrific Nazgûls from Middle-Earth in The Lord of The Rings. When he finally turned ten however, Jarand remembers binge-watching every single movie he had missed, from dusk till dawn. A couple of years later Jarand decided making movies was going to be his life.

About Me

Jarand Herdal is an award-winning director and writer. He made his first feature film in Norway when he was 16 years old, which is internationally released, and then made a dark comedy pilot which granted him a spot at USC School of Cinematic Arts. Since moving to Los Angeles, Jarand has directed music videos for Universal and Sony, and is now working on his next feature film, to be shot in 2016.

Other interests

Aside from film, Jarand is a big art enthusiast, drummer and graphic designer. Jarand lives for the visual medium, whatever it might be, as long as it can tell a story. You can see some of his art on his Behance Site: www.behance.net//jardoss