[ Resume ]

Below is a list of my work, granted awards, and education. Find your way to the “Portfolio” page for samples!

Work & Experience

Director/Co-Producer Broiler - Money (Music Video)

Directed music video for Universal and Republic Records, starring Danny Trejo. Said to be among the biggest music videos ever produced by Norway, nominated as Norway's "Music video of the year" at the Norwegian Short Film Festival in Grimstad.

Director/Co-Producer Tungevaag & Raaban - Magical (music video)

Directed Tungevaag & Raaban's "Magical" music video for Sony, in Los Angeles 2016.

Director Tungevaag & Raaban - Samsara (music video)

Directed Tungevaag & Raaban's "Samsara" music video for Sony, in Thailand 2015.

Director/Producer/DP Astrid S - 2AM (Music video)

Directed, Produced and Lit the music video for Astrid Smeplass's "2AM" for Universal, 2014.

Director/Writer/Producer Weak Knees (short film)

Directed, wrote and produced the short 18-min thriller "Weak Knees" November 2014.

Director/Writer/Producer Clowne (Tv-pilot)

Directed, wrote and produced my own 30-min black comedy pilot, June 2014. The story is about a man who has to spend his community service as a clown.

Director Short Film for Theatre

Directed a short film segment that was implanted in a theatrical play in Oslo, Norway, May 2014. The film showed part of the story the theater was not able to express.

Director/Writer/Producer Red Walker (short film)

Directed, wrote and produced the short 5-min film "Red Walker", June 2013.

Drummer Got Any Oxygen To Spare? (music album)

Played the drums in an album my band recorded June 2013, soon to be released on Spotify/iTunes.

Cinematographer Commercial, state of Oslo

Worked as a cinematographer/photographer on a commercial for Oslo's environmental program, September 2013.

Actor Commercial, Statoil

Acted in a commercial for Statoil by the company One Big Happy Family, April 2013.

Editor Commercial, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

Edited/cut a commercial for the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra that ran in Norwegian theatres March 2013.

Director/Writer/Producer Everywhen (feature film)

Directed, wrote and produced Norway's first science-fiction film "Everywhen" January 2013. The film is now distributed in 57 countries by Another World Entertainment, soon to be released on iTunes/Netflix. Won a directing award at the Texas Independent Film Festival.

Actor Commercial, Troll Insurance

Acted in a commercial for the insurance company "Troll", December 2012

Actor Commercial, Match

Acted in a commercial for the clothing company "Match", in Norway June 2012.

Intern DAG (TV-series)

Interned in two seasons of the tv-show "DAG", where I rigged and helped on-set June 2012.

Director/Writer/Producer Deja Vu (short film)

Directed, wrote and produced the short film "Deja Vu", about a man who finds himself stuck in a time loop. June 2011.

Director/Writer/Producer Harry Potter and Grindelwald's Demise (short fan-fiction film)

Directed, wrote and produced the fan fiction short film "Harry Potter and Grindelwald's Demise" August 2011. The film was later featured on Harry Potter's official Facebook page, and gained a lot of viral recognition.









2014-2018 School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California

I'm part of the 4% who's lucky enough to attend the "world's best film school" (Hollywood Reporter), majoring in Production and minoring in Screenwriting.


VTXIFF Festival

A director's award for an outstanding achievement despite all odds, for my debut feature "Everywhen".


Directed the '2AM' music video for Astrid S, which won MTV's EMA for "Best Nordic Act" in 2015.

Music Video of The Year

Nominated for Norway's music video of the year for Broiler's "Money."