My skillset is wide, but my focus narrow. I aim to provide an escape that is as close to perfect as possible.


I have years of experience when it comes to directing movies. I won a director award at the Texas Independent Film Festival for my first feature and gained a lot of recognition in Norwegian media when I was making films there. If it's worth telling, your story is safe with me.

Music Videos

Music videos are a place to escape reality. I aim only to heighten an artist's image, or establish a new one, using complimenting visuals to create "one to watch" videos.


As with directing, screenwriting is one of my strongest suits. I know how a set works, I know actors and I've written countless films and short films.


Intriguing visuals provide a first impression impossible to ignore and are the infrastructure to any successful media based in aesthetics. I aim to bring an additional way of storytelling with my lights and use of strong color.

  • An Admirable ability to think big.

    Aleksander Huser, Cinema Magazine
  • Herdal displays a keen eye for composition and has an instinctive knowledge of where to put the camera.

    Nigel Burris, TheDullWoodExperiment.com